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Project Description

Astro Power CMS build on Graffiti CMS, a product of Telligent.

Current only support MySQL database, I will update product to support MS SQL Server soon.

Some features develop from GraffitiCMS

1. Add custom field for: User, Comment, Category

2. On/Off reporting function

3. Custom Core for add PreLoadContent, AfterLoadContent event

4. Create plugin custom Url for Godaddy multiple hosting

5. Add function for category: Enable Searching, Enable Version History, Enable Routing

6. Add Email From Name when send email

7. Ordering category, custom fields

8. Edit clear for URL, support unicode font

9. Add get session function, call in theme

10. Customize paging, addin fromRecords, toRecords of category page

11. On/off RSSS, Edit URI on header


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